2018 Leaf Removal Schedule

Spring Collection 2018

Section A  Starting on April 2nd
Section B  Starting on April 9th
Section C  Starting on April 16th
Section D  Starting on April 23rd

Fall Collection 2018

Section A   Starting on October 29th   Final Collection: Starting on December 3rd
Section B   Starting on November 6th  Final Collection: Starting on December 17th
Section C  Starting on November 13th  Final Collection: Starting on December 27th
Section D  Starting on November 26th  Final Collection:  Starting on January 7th, 2019

The Township Does NOT respond to “Call In” Residential Requests There will ONLY be ONE Removal @ your residence during your scheduled week.

DO NOT place Leaves at the curb during non-collection months. Residents who accumulate Leaves during non-collection months are responsible for disposal.

Please DO NOT transport your leaves to the DPW Facility. Please DO NOT attempt to dispose of your leaves in the Storm-Water inlets, Catch Basins/Inlets along the Roadways. DO NOT place leaves in bags DO NOT Mix leaves with BRUSH & or GENERAL DEBRIS/ETC. DO NOT Mix leaves with GRASS clippings.  Leaves shall be in a “Wind-Row” type pile along the curb-line in front of your dwelling.   DO NOT place Leaves within 10 FEET of a storm water inlet/basin. (Due to Storm-Water Tier A Regulations)

The Leaf Removal service is provided for Township Residents ONLY. Leaves will not be removed from any Commercial Businesses

Residents are to place leaves in a “Wind-Row” pile along the curb-line NO earlier than One, (1) WEEK PRIOR TO THEIR COLLECTION DATE. The first roadway may be picked up as early as 7:00 am   ONE PICK UP PER HOUSEHOLD PER COLLECTION!!