Green Team

In April of 2010, the Township Committee passed a resolution establishing a volunteer committee known as the Green Team. Since 2010, the Green Team has met monthly and worked on a number of initiatives, including: the installation of a water filling station at the high school; the construction of a community garden; an anti-idling campaign; the publication of “green” articles in the township newsletter and local publications; and the dissemination of educational “green” materials to the community at Earth Day and Community Day events.

The major Green Team project for 2014 and early 2015 was the establishment of a Community Garden adjacent to the Senior/Community Center. The project was a joint effort of the Green Team, the Holmdel High Eco Club, the Boy Scouts and the Township, and was partially funded by a grant from the Fiskars Tool Company and donations from Home Depot.

The Green Team is currently applying for Sustainable Jersey Certification, which will provide more opportunities for grants for other “green” projects for the town.

The 2015 Members of the Green Team are: Frank Bacchus, Janet Berk, Matthew Conlan, Sabrina Conlan, Patricia Reilly-Geller, Daniel Gulko, Randy Goldberg, Dina Hamwi, Elizabeth Wilson, and Robert Wilson.

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