Township of



Public Works Department


#14 Crawfords Corner Road Box #410

Holmdel, New Jersey 07733


Phone: 732.946.2820

Fax: 732.946.8809

General Information DPW ext. 1953


Hours of Operation:

Regular Business Hours

Monday Friday 7:00 amB 3:30 pm


Victor Stevens - Director of Infrastructure and Operations

Jeffrey P. Smith, Jr. - Superintendent Of Public Works

(CPWM) Certified Public Works Manager

(CRP) Certified Recycling Professional

(CGT) Certified Grounds Technician







Jeffrey P. Smith, Jr. and Charles A. Cokelet are all recipients of the American Public Works AssociationB New Jersey Chapter Employee Award Winners for 2003


Jeffrey P. Smith, Jr. also received The APWA-NJ Joseph H. Maher Merit Award in 2004







Township of


Public Works Department


Established 1857





The Township Of Holmdel Public Works Department is dedicated to provide excellence in service to our community in a positive and caring manner.



The mission of the Township of Holmdel Public Works Department is to:


  • Protect the Townshipbs investment in itbs roadways and facilities by the planning, implementation, and administration of maintenance and improvement programs
  • Protect the Townshipbs natural resources in a manner compatible with policies, codes and regulations
  • Provide quality services to the community
  • Provide effective, efficient, safe and environmentally sensitive services
  • Provide a value in municipal services, to assure compliance with community laws and standards, and to keep citizens informed of those services, laws and standards
  • Provide coordination and support services during emergency events and prepare action plans necessary to carry out emergency functions to protect the Townshipbs investments and residentbs property from damages caused by many types of disasters
  • Plan and construct other Public Works projects as required
  • Receive requests and provide timely responses to residents regarding local problems
  • Remain accessible to the publicbs right to respectful communication regarding policies, programs and services
  • Embrace commitment to residential services as a basic philosophy
  • To fully appreciate that Tax Dollars are to be used to provide cost effective and efficient, and accountable services


The Public Works Department of The Township of Holmdel Believe that the Township, our colleagues and the Public deserves nothingB B LESS !


Public Works:

About us, and Services that The Department Provides:



Incorporated in 1857, the Public Works Department has grown dramatically in services provided, areas to maintain, and roadway miles to monitor, repair, clean, and ensure the safety and well being of our community and neighbors.


Square Miles: 17.9

Single Family Dwellings (approx. 5,200+)

Roadway Miles 100

Population (approx. 15,000+)



The Townshipbs boundaries intersect with neighboring Towns such as:


Aberdeen Township

Hazlet Township

Marlboro Township

Middletown Township

Colts Neck Township


The Department provides valuable services to our Community including:





Snow Plowing, B De-Icing, B Sweeping, Brush Removal, B Leaf Removal, B Mowing, Sign Fabrication,  Sign Installation,  Tree Trimming, Pruning,  Landscaping,  Planting, Traffic Safety,  Facility Maintenance,  Asphalt Patching,

Basin Repairs,  Storm-Water Duties, Drainage Repairs, Excavations,  Line Striping,  Bulk Drop Off, Chemical Applications,  Recycling,  Liter Collection, Painting,  Transport Disposals

Public Works Personnel:


The Public Works Department current staff size is approximately 16 full time employees in the Road Division, and 4 full time employees in our Central Repair Division. Our employees are dedicated individuals that believe in Public Service and a commitment to the Community of Holmdel. From our seasoned veterans with 30+ years of service to our most recent hired, the expertise and knowledge of their duties is witnessed every working day, be it a DPW Office setting, repair shop, storage garage, or in the field addressing the requirements and needs of our Community, there dedication is shown.



Committed to the Community and Dedicated to the Department




B r u s h  R e m o v a l



1-Tree Limbs MUST be 6 INCHES in diameter or smaller.

2-The maximum amount of Brush that can be placed at the curb is Three, (3) individual piles of Branches, with each pile NOT exceeding 4’ High x 4’ wide by 6’ long.

3-Please leave at least 6 FEET of space on each side and between each pile so machinery can grasp the material.

4-DO NOT place branches in the roadway.

5-DO NOT stack brush piles beside shrubbery, posts, hydrants, electrical or cable boxes, mailboxes, and/or any other objects.

6-Brush must be ACCESSIBLE for machinery collecting the branches/brush, if NOT, it CANNOT be removed.

7-Landscapers and Tree Surgeons hired by the Resident are responsible for the removal of branches/brush.

8-The brush removal service provided by the Township is restricted to RESIDENTIAL PRUNING ONLY.

9-The Service is provided for RESIDENTS of the Township. Brush will NOT be collected from any COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES.

10-If possible, DO NOT stack branches/brush on a sidewalk.


12-ONLY tree branches and limbs are acceptable.

13-Brush must be stacked perpendicular to the curb, in front of your dwelling, NOT exceeding the length, height, and diameter listed.

14-Brush must NOT be stacked at the curb any earlier than I WEEK prior to your scheduled week of collection (due to Storm-Water Tier A Requirements).

15-Brush MUST NOT be stacked for collection within 10 FEET of a Storm-Water Inlet/Basin.


In order for the Public Works to continue to provide Brush Removal services, there are many regulations required by the State and County that must be followed.


Residents are urged to place Brush at the curb, NOT EARLIER than 1 WEEK prior to collection week. The first roadway may be picked up as early as 7:00 a.m. on a Monday morning. Please refer to the schedule for proper removal weeks as advertised.


There will ONLY be ONE pick up @ your residence during your scheduled week.


The DPW could be at you residence any given day between Monday and Friday, and given time between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


Any questions, contact the DPW offices @ 732.946.2820



Christmas Tree Removal/Disposal:



Christmas Trees are removed after the Holidays, during the month of January. Dates are posted and advertised in the “RECYCLING AND PICK-UP SCHEDULE” mailed to all residents.


The Department of Public Works WILL remove Christmas Trees if the follow criteria is met:


1- Christmas Trees must NOT be BAGGED/WRAPPED/COVERED/etc.

(leave Tree loose)

2- Trees must be placed at curb one, (1) week prior to your scheduled week of collection. (following the Brush removal principal)

3- Trees must be accessible for DPW equipment. (within 3 FEET from the edge of the Roadway)

4- Trees must be placed along the top-side of curb, NOT in Roadway

5- Trees should be placed in an open area not surrounded by obstacles. (Leave 2-3 FEET on either side of Tree, so Machinery can grasp it)

6- Trees with nails, dimensional lumber, wire, lights, decorations, etc. connected to the trees, will NOT be accepted.

7- Wreaths and other Decorations are NOT acceptable.

8- Christmas Trees ONLY!

9- This Service is not regarded as BRUSH REMOVAL

10- Please do NOT mix Christmas Trees and Tree Branches.

11- The CUT/BUTT end of the Tree should be towards the roadway.



Dates and Sections will be posted. Residents are urged to place their Tree ONLY 1 WEEK prior to the collection date for their section of Town. Tree must NOT be placed within 10 FEET of a storm water inlet/basin. (due to Storm – Water Tier 1 Regulations)


The DPW could be at your residence any given day between Monday and Friday, any time between 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Please cooperate with rules and regulations so that we can continue to provide this service to the community.


Any Questions contact the Department on Public Works @ 732-946-2820 EXT. 1953



L e a f R e m o v a l




1. Leaves are ONLY removed during the months of APRIL or MAY, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER as advertised

  1. The Township Does NOT respond to “Call In” Residential Requests during non-collection months.
  2. DO NOT place Leaves at the curb during non-collection months.
  3. Residents who accumulate Leaves during non-collection months are responsible for disposal.
  4. If you utilize a Landscape Contractor, make them aware of the Township’s requirements and proper disposal times.
  5. Please DO NOT transport your leaves to the DPW Facility
  6. Please DO NOT attempt to dispose of your leaves in the Storm-Water inlets, Catch Basins/Inlets along the Roadways.
  7. During the Scheduled Months of Leaf Removal, (NOV., DEC., APRIL OR MAY) please place your leaves at the curb-line in the following manner:
  8. DO NOT place leaves in plastic refuse bags
  9. DO NOT Mix leaves with BRUSH & or GENERAL DEBRIS/ETC.
  10. DO NOT Mix leaves with GRASS clippings.
  11. Leaves shall be in a “Wind-Row” type pile along the curb-line in front of your dwelling.
  12. Place Leaves within 10 FEET of a storm water inlet/basin. (due to Storm-Water Tier A Regulations)


The Leaf Removal service is provided for Township Residents ONLY. Leaves will Not be removed from any Commercial Businesses.


There will ONLY be ONE Removal @ your residence during your scheduled week.


Residents are urged to place leaves in a “Wind-Row” pile along the curb-line NO earlier than One, (1) WEEK PRIOR TO THEIR COLLECTION WEEK. The first roadway may be picked up as early as 7:00 a.m. on a Monday Morning.


The DPW could be at your residence any given day between Monday and Friday, Any time between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


In order for the Public Works to continue to provide Leaf Removal Services, there are many regulations governed by the State and County that must be adhered to and strictly followed.



Any questions contact the DPW @ 732-946-2820 EXT. 1953




Snow Removal:





Listed below are a number of things you, as a responsible resident of the town, can perform or pass along to the proper persons, to assist us in undertaking our duties safely, efficiently and effectively.



1- NO vehicle should be abandoned along our public roadway(s) and/or any public right-of-way area.

2- Please do NOT park in the street.

3- Owners and Occupants of a Business and/or Residents or Tenants of any properties/dwellings, etc. in the Township of Holmdel, shall NOT plow, cause to be plowed, or allow to be plowed snow from his/her premises onto roadways used by the general public in the Township of Holmdel.

4- ALL roadways are plowed by the Department of Public Works curb-line to curb-line to afford the proper drainage, additional accumulation(s), mail delivery, and solid waste collection(s). NO one is permitted to remove snow from there properties onto ANY public roadway. Business owners and Residents are required to notify plowing and snow removal contractors of this requirement when servicing the owners/residents of the Township of Holmdel.

5- Snow plowed from Residents driveways is NOT to be pushed into/or across the street

6- ALL motorists are urged to drive safely during inclement weather condition(s) i.e. snow, ice, etc.

7- A good rule of thumb is to: drive ½ the posted speed or less, depending on the condition.



Snow Removal




Whenever snow has fallen, and the accumulation is such that it covers the Roadway(s), an emergency shall exist, and NO VEHICLE

shall be parked on ANY STREET.

The Township has an Ordinance that prohibits “Parking on Roadways” during Snow/Ice/Inclement weather. The Parking ban shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased and until the Streets have been plowed sufficiently, completely, and from curb-line to curb-line. If you park your vehicle in/on the street, and it interferes with the Public Works Department Snow Plowing and/or De-Icing Trucks and Equipment, you will be summoned and your vehicle towed at the OWNERS EXPENSE.







L a r g e  I t e m  D r o p  O f f:



The Large Item is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s during the months of April, May, September and October, and on the 2nd Saturday ONLY for the months of June, July and August. The service is NOT provided during the Months of Nov., Dec. Jan., Feb. and March.


Large Item Drop Off Hours are 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. @ the Department of Public Works Facility located at #14 Crawfords Corner Road Holmdel, NJ. The facility is between the Satz School and the Holmdel Post Office.


Please note the change in traffic patterns @ the DPW during the drop off days. Follow the information signs, arrows and traffic control devices when utilizing the service.


The Large Item is available for residents ONLY. Commercial Businesses are prohibited.


All residents are required to OFF-LOAD ALL items that they bring to the “Drop Off” site. The Township DOES NOT provide an employee to OFF LOAD items from the residents vehicle. The DPW Employees Responsibilities are to coordinate the parking/backing of cars, and coordination of our Large Item container vendor(s).


Residents may transport the acceptable items to the site in a vehicle NOT larger than a Pick Up Truck/Van.


Commercial sized U-Haul/Hertz/ Box Trucks or Medium to Large Duty Dump Trucks are NOT permitted at the site regardless of the load.


All residents are required to show proof of residency (i.e. Driver’s license, Tax Bill, at the Gate)


Large Amounts of Construction Debris are NOT Acceptable.


A Township Employee manages the Large Item Drop Off Site. His/Her decision to accept or reject ANY item is FINAL.


Items accepted are as follows:

Interior and Exterior Furniture, Bikes, Washers, Dryers, Microwaves, Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, Metal Shelves, Lumber Scraps, Books, Mowers, (all liquids drained) Tools, Small Appliances, Toys, Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Patio Items, Grills, (less LP Tank)

Clothes, Play Equipment, Carpeting, Bathroom Fixtures, Fasteners, Rope, Wire, Cable, Light Fixtures, Boating Equipment, Athletic Equipment, Exercise Items and Equipment, PC’s, Printers, Steel Wheels/Rims

Items NOT accepted are as follows:

Brush, Branches, Twigs, Logs, Firewood, Stumps, Roots, Grass, Leaves, Vines, Mulch, Dirt, Stone, Cement, Asphalt, Blocks, Brick, Slate, Tanks, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Paint, Thinners, Varnishes, Stain, Pool Chemicals, Explosives, Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze, Liquid Propane Tanks, Auto Batteries, Shingles, Compressed Gas, Ammunition, Herbicides, Pesticides, Creosote, Gas, Household Hazardous Waste, etc.


Any questions contact the DPW Offices @ 732 946-2820 ext 1953 


S t o r m – W a t e r



Carefully controlling Storm-Water flows from Private Property and Public Roadways is the plan, and most Towns throughout the County have been obligated to develop and enact laws that will prevent the varied types of pollutants into our waterways.



S t o r m – W a t e r I n l e t s / B a s i n s

Things that everyone should know:


From the initial rush of water from the rainstorm, most of the debris and pollutants that have settled on the ground, and in the Storm-Water Inlets and under-drains since the last storm, will be jarred loose and carried into our streams. This process will significantly add to our water quality problems.


A list of items that should NEVER be dumped down Storm-Water Inlets are:

Motor Oil

Pet Waste

Grass Trimmings

Leaves - Yard Debris

Pine Needles

Shrubbery Trimmings

Sand & Soil

Hazardous Chemicals

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)


If you stop and think….anything that ENTERS the Storm-Water Inlets EXIT in our Water Ways, Tributaries, Streams, Ponds, Lakes, Bays, etc.



                                                           B A C K Y A R D P R E V E N T I O N

How you, as a Homeowner/Resident of the Community Can Make a Difference:


Managing Storm-Water in our backyards is an important and essential part of compliance. As an integral part of the watershed in which we live, what you can do in your own backyard makes the difference. Some examples of what you can do at home are:


Reduce impervious surfaces by utilizing pavers/brick/block rather than concrete for driveways and walkway surfacing.

Divert rain from paved areas onto grass for gradual infiltration.

Landscape with the environment in mind. Choose appropriate plants and trees for the soil type in your yard.

Reduce water needed by certain plant material, thus reducing surface run-off.

Maintain vehicles properly so oil, lubes, exhaust, and other fluids do not contribute to water pollution.

Keep Storm-Water Inlets clean and free from debris, and do not introduce foreign material to the under-drainage system.


















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