Charter Study Commission

In November 2021, Holmdel Township voted to establish a Charter Study Commission (CSC).  The commission is charged with investigating the various possible forms of government that could replace the current Township form.  This commission process is authorized by the state’s Optional Municipal Charter Law of 1950 (OMCL), which also details the specific options for replacement forms of government. The CSC may recommend that the municipality change to one of these new forms or that Holmdel adopt a special charter. After the work of the commission is done and a recommendation is made, the voters of Holmdel will have an opportunity to vote on whether to enact the CSC’ s recommendation at a future referendum election.

Charter Study Commission Members

The publicly elected members of the Commission are:

  • Kin Gee (Chair)
  • William Kastning (Vice Chair)
  • Janet Berk
  • Gerald Buffalino
  • Zach Gilstein

Charter Study Commission Meeting Dates

Livestream Meetings of the Charter Study Commission

You can view livestream video of meetings (and recorded video after the conclusion of the meeting) at two sites: