Juvenile-Family Crises

Responding to Juvenile-Family Crises
In Holmdel Township, many offenses committed by juveniles (i.e. running away from home, truancy or serious conflicts over issues of parental authority) are not considered delinquent acts at all. These acts are considered “juvenile-family” crises. Usually our Juvenile Bureau, the school administration, the Division Of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) and parents will meet with representatives of the Monmouth County Juvenile-Family Crisis Intervention Unit to deal with a juvenile’s problems.

This is done within the context of the “whole family” since a juvenile’s behavior may often be a symptom of other problems within the family. If the crisis unit is unable to resolve the problem, then the Juvenile Bureau may petition for the court’s intervention. The priority of the Holmdel Township Police Department Juvenile Bureau is to guide juveniles into becoming responsible and productive adults.