Brush Removal

Brush Removal Schedule

  • Tree limbs must be 6 inches in diameter or smaller.
  • The maximum amount of brush that can be placed at the curb is 3 individual piles of branches, with each pile not exceeding 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 6 feet long.
  • Please leave at least 6 feet of space on each side and between each pile so machinery can grasp the material.
  • Do not place branches in the roadway.
  • Do not stack brush piles beside shrubbery, posts, hydrants, electrical or cable boxes, mailboxes, and/or any other objects.
  • Brush must be accessible for machinery collecting the branches / brush, if not, it cannot be removed.
  • Landscapers and tree surgeons hired by the resident are responsible for the removal of branches / brush.
  • The brush removal service provided by the township is restricted to residential pruning only.
  • The service is provided for residents of the township.
  • Brush will not be collected from any commercial businesses.
  • If possible, do not stack branches / brush on a sidewalk.
  • Brush mixed with, stumps, roots, leaves, grass, dimensional lumber, firewood or oversized material are not acceptable, and will be refused.
  • Only tree branches and limbs are acceptable.
  • Brush must be stacked perpendicular to the curb, in front of your dwelling, not exceeding the length, height, and diameter listed.
  • Brush must not be stacked at the curb any earlier than 1 week prior to your scheduled week of collection (due to storm-water tier a requirements).
  • Brush must not be stacked for collection within 10 feet of a storm-water inlet / basin.
In order for the Public Works to continue to provide brush removal services, there are many regulations required by the state and county that must be followed. Residents are urged to place brush at the curb, not earlier than 1 week prior to collection week. The first roadway may be picked up as early as 7 a.m. on a Monday morning. Please refer to the schedule for proper removal weeks as advertised.

There will only be one pick up at your residence during your scheduled week. The department could be at you residence any given day between Monday and Friday, and given time between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Any questions, contact the department offices at 732-946-2820.